A little bit of our home

For nature lovers who want to disconnect and enjoy nature!

Beautiful views, extensive beaches, extraordinary vegetation and fauna. Excellent for snorkeling, natural aquarium, hiking, biking / mountain biking, fishing, kayaking. Solar cells and auxiliary generator feeds air conditioning and freezer. (The generator is gasoline, gasoline is paid by the guests. Stay longer than 7 days, 40 liters are courtesy of the house) You will need a 4×4 ATV to get there. The last frontier

The space

5 guests · 3 bedrooms · 7 beds · 1.5 baths

Rustic beach cabin, with everything you need, ideal for nature lovers!

The Paradise. Casa Chunique is a studio-type space, with two bedrooms and a small loft. Full kitchen, bathroom inside the house and another outside, (freezer, air conditioning only work with the generator) limited satellite internet for whats app and Facebook (more bandwidth can be added during your stay for an extra cost of 3000 pesos). Casa Chunique is a unique niche between the desert and the sea. 3 double beds, two lounge chairs on the terrace, and two hammocks. Two inflatable mattresses and a tent and two sleeping bags. We recently included a gasoline generator that is essential for cloudy days during the day and at night it powers the air conditioning, the water well pump, the freezer and pre-meter lights. the generator is 8000wtz gasoline is paid by the guests. Our team will take care of refilling the generator as many times as you decide to use it. a 20 liter jar lasts 12 hours. You can ask in advance for the gasoline to be there upon arrival and pay for it also upon arrival, or decide right there if you need it or not.

Guest access

  • Drinking water
  • Gas stove with oven large electric freezer, cooler,Cookware,linens.
  • Parking area
  • Smart TV (the bandwidth capacity is purchased through keys that can increase in a matter of minutes, an extra cost of $ 3000.00 pesos for an extra 90GB (essential if you need to use zoom or video conferences)
  • 2 double kayaks
  • 2 snorkeling equipment
  • Fishing or snorkeling trips
  • WiFi
  • Electric box freezer and air conditioning (they work with a generator) Gasoline is paid by the guest, and supplied by our work team. From reservations of more than one week we offer you 40 liters of courtesy gasoline.


Other highlights

With the local people you can get ¨the catch of the day¨, you can also get someone to cook it for you. The community is very kind and friendly.

There are cave paintings in the area and a tour to see them is available with local people. By appointment a boat can pass by you to go fishing or from February-March go to see the whales.
Because our solar energy system, when it is cloudy we can be short of power, that is why Casa Chunique also has an 8000 watts generator to solve and even increase the power supply. The cost of gasoline for the generator is extra