Before Casa Chunique, there was a small camper, before the small camper, there was a humble palapa. Before, at the begining, it was, just the rocks… The First Rocks. On a sea shore cliff, over looking the magnificent sea of Cortes, what Jacques Cousteau called “the aquarium of the world” lives Casa Chunique. She hinges the horizon of earth and sea and sky. Capricious paisage like no other. Privacy, intimacy inside nature. A true communion with our cosmic reality. This is the last frontier. This is our love. Please, respect, care and be kind to our home, our surroundings our extraordinary flora and fauna. Our neighbors, the lovely town of Boca del Álamo. Boca del Álamo is a fishing village with amazing people, always kind and helpful, always have the catch of the day and top notch panga captains that offer fishing outings, local trail guides that can take you on incredible hike trails leading to real oasis or cave paintings. Casa Chuniques’ front patio is an amazing reef inhabited by thousands of tropical fish it’s perfect for snorkeling. Kayaking and paddle boarding are also favorite activities to practice here. Our home runs mostly on solar energy, and our gray water is reused to wather our plants, hermit crabs, bees and other small creatures also benefit from this water source. Our aloe flowers also are a great treat for the two hummingbird species in the area. Just next to our home, is what we call “raccoon hill”, a colony of about 10 racoons live here, they are known to perform funny stunts. Do not leave food outside. Always lock the garbage dispensary, they are not tidie. Never drive your vehicle on the beach. Many ignorant people do. Please don’t be part of that, this beach is among the beaches with most turtle nestings in the entire peninsula. Please don’t destroy them. Don’t let plastic bags fly away, once floating in the ocean, turtles and other sea animals mistake them for their favourite treat -jellyfish- Over all, please be kind, loving and respectful to this spectacular gift we have cherish and cared for, through 4 generations. Truely